There are coyotes nearby, here on the edge of the Gila National Forest, and those canines are a force to be reckoned with for cats. We hope to retrain the cats to give up their nocturnal nature so we can keep them in from sunset to sunrise, when the coyotes begin yipping and hunting. The job starts today, by making the cats work hard all day.

Obie and Ginger after a walkAfter the walk up to the construction site, everybody was tired and thirsty.

Today is the first day in a long time we haven't had too much to do or too far to travel. It's a holiday, so the normal tasks of new-place-living can wait.

We have an opportunity, instead, to listen without destraction to the cicadas and purple finches outside, watch the clouds cross this impossibly clear sky, marvel at the cool, dry air, and laugh at how fast water boils at 6500'.

Tomorrow we start chasing down our forwarded mail, apply for a mailing address, get a certified check from the bank so we can pay the movers, register to vote and register our cars, and get new drivers' licenses. Our final trip to New Mexico is over. Living here begins.