One of the kids showed up a few minutes later over on Laurie's side of the arroyo. Having found no pigs on my side, I wandered over and reported. Laurie appeared and we all meandered back toward the Skee's property line. I decided to go back to the barn to finish my post-Leo-ride chores.

A little later the phone notified me of a call from Laurie. "Did you find the pigs?" I asked. She said she didn't, but one of the kids did. The pigs took themselves home.

Who let the pigs out?The Martinez's are a family-oriented bunch and they've been doing some partying during the Christmas holidays. I saw a plume of smoke from over their way on Christmas Eve. Called Laurie to find out if it was her brush pile; she said no and we both got all wrought up over that. She drove down the road and found a bonfire, attended by every Martinez in the county. Last night through the bathroom fan vent I heard noises that sounded like something big rattling around on the roof. Turned out to be fireworks at the Martinez gathering (in New Mexico we celebrate everything with fireworks). The party was nice, the party was pumping. I imagine the lady of the house was making inquiries over there today--who let the pigs out? (snort, snort, snort-snort-snort).