Pink mountainWhen it was all over at sunset, the mountain to the north was blanketed in a pink cloud.

I hike on that mountain. I wish I'd been up there right then; I've never been in a pink cloud and I wanted to find out if it would stain my clothes.

I went up there this afternoon, though, walking one of Laurie's dogs. Everything looked the same as it ever does, so I guess any pinkstaining was temporary.

10/28/09 - I used to have cold hands, so cold that I wore fingerless gloves at the typewriter. Everybody at work had great fun with that. I realized that eccentric people aren't necessarily weird or insane--they might just be cold. I attributed my cold hands to having some relation to my reproductive system; once a surgeon for women's ailments replumbed my lower abdomen, the cold hands disappeared. Probably coincidence, though. My hands are cold today.

Cold hands might also be related to the weather, which shifted dramatically over the last couple of days, accompanied by lurid sunrises and sunsets.