Local Color

Bike at a gun show8/17/09 - Yesterday, we attended the 30th Annual Silver City Gun Show at the National Guard Armory in Santa Clara. Never went to one before. Probably never will again. We're something of an anamoly in the gun world, I suppose. We have guns, but lack the conservative politics that go with them. At the door were members of the Tea Party, a bunch of folks who seem to miss the point on just about everything they stand for.

We have met the enemy and he looks normal, with the exception of the owner of this motorcycle, which was parked outside the Armory and warranted all the attention it was getting in cell-phone camera land.

Inside, a grandmotherly Tea Party member gave us a smile and an invitation to sign a bunch of petitions. They were anti-everything from health care reform to some deal about New Mexican sovereignty. We didn't understand that one, which seemed to imply that New Mexico's independence is under threat from some obscure source.

As we looked over the petitions and didn't pick up a pen, Grandma Tea Party must have noticed the pallor that came over our faces. She suggested that we could go on into the show and think it over, then maybe sign them when we came out.

So now that I've seen what the right-wing crazies look like, I realize they look just like me. They're trying to do something about stuff they care deeply about. They are family people, friendly people, neighborly people. They're also as apalled by my politics as I am by theirs and it's probably fruitless to engage in political discussions with them.

"Tex"9/11/09 - This magnificent-but-skinny guy (the neighbors call him "Tex") showed up with several other bovines on the open range that surrounds our New Mexico home. He's all white except for his ears, which are brown. I'm in love! I want to put him on my bed, like a stuffed animal.

Ted read somewhere that a rancher in Wyoming trucks his cattle to California for the winter. How do you suppose they truck longhorns? "Stop poking me!" "Every time you turn your head, you stab me in the eye!" "Mom, make him stop!"