Moving In

Washing machine8/3/09 - The Plumber has finished plumbing. We have hot and cold running water throughout the house, fancy wall-mounted toilets, and beautiful showers. The washer and dryer await installation. The refrigerator will arrive on August 11 (at least that's the theory). The stove and dishwasher are on order. Our future hangs on an occupancy permit, which hangs on two inspections and a dented door.

The inspections can go forward now that all the work is complete. The occupancy permit is a dicier matter. The New Mexico building code requires a fire door between a house and its attached garage. The one Ed ordered arrived damaged and he sent it back for replacement. That was three weeks ago. The replacement was supposed to arrive today, but it didn't.

Nevertheless, we are beginning to move in. The patio is filling up with trashcans, porch furniture, and garden hoses. A storage room in the garage is filling up with boxes rescued from self-storage. I've been mopping floors and dusting cabinets and windowsills. We don't live there yet, but we're getting closer.

8/8/09 - My sister, Becky, took a break from her business trip to Albuquerque and drove down to Silver City for the weekend. Friday morning, I had just made up a bed for her in Joe & Laurie's house when Ted commented that by so doing, I was ensuring that the occupancy permit would be issued that day. He was right of course. Within a few minutes, Bill called to say that we had our permit and could move in.

The first order of business was to call Omni Moving and get a date to deliver our dust-encrusted, mice-infested furniture, crates, and boxes from the storage unit. Omni said they could work us in on Tuesday. Then we dashed up to the house and to organize the bedrooms, clean the construction debris from its bathroom, set up the Aerobeds, and figure out how to make life work for the weekend with only odds and ends for furnishings, and no refrigerator or stove.

Becky called from Hurley late in the day and we drove down the road to meet her, then Ted went back to Joe & Laurie's to round up the cats. The house was in dusty post-construction disarray, but the bedrooms and bathrooms were functional. We would sort it all out, but our first night in a new home was fitful. Becky's been living in airports, planes, and hotels all week and was zazzed up from the travel routines and a four-hour drive from Albuquerque. Nobody knew where the light switches are or even how they work, what with that fancy Lutron system and all. The house is full of strange smells and sounds; the cats were restless and caterwauled all night. Nobody slept very well.