Settling In

9/10/09 - I'm tired of bitching about the refrigerator, but dang if there's not more bitching to be done! STI delivered the appliance just now. This should be cause for celebration, but...

The Plumber (remember him?) had specs for the refrigerator we were going to install. Those specs state quite clearly the type of fitting that's required for this appliance. Nevertheless, when Mr. RotoRooter plumbed for it, he didn't install the right fitting to the water line in the wall. So that so-called "white glove" installation we waited so long for couldn't happen. Even if the fitting had been right, the hose on the refrigerator is 12" too short to reach the spot on the wall where the connection is installed. The specs also state quite specifically where that connection is supposed to be placed on the wall. Is there a bounty on plumber pelts in New Mexico?

Then the STI people say, "You should let this unit sit for 24-48 hours before you turn it on so that the coolant can settle after being shaken up during transport. Transport? WHAT TRANSPORT? The refrigerator sat in Dallas for three weeks, then sat in Albuquerque for another week before they brought it down this morning. These guys will be long gone when we boot the thing up tomorrow and perhaps discover it doesn't work. What then? Wait another 48 days for them to come back for it and 48 days beyond even that to deliver a new one?

KoolatronWhen we cruised the Chesapeake Bay in various sailboats, we refrigerated our perishable food with a Koolatron electronic cooler, stowed beneath the cockpit where most boats have an inboard engine (we used a Yamaha long-shaft outboard). The cooler made a whirring noise as it drew down the batteries at the rate of 96 amp hours a day if we ran it on max cool, which we didn't. We've put the Koolatron (doncha love that name?) back into service while we wait (and wait) for Sears to deliver the refrigerator. Battery drain isn't a concern now, so we run it on max cool. It makes a constant whirring noise, which isn't too annoying if it's out in the kitchen.

When STI delivered the refrigerator, the Koolatron had to move. Ted put it in the office, next to my desk, and the whirring sounds more like whining (like I'm doing now) stationed so close to my right ear. The Koolatron, about 25 years old, was rid hard and put up wet during its boating years and the fan has developed an intermittent bearing rattle of the type that eventually screeches. I must finish this rant quickly or I'll have to take an axe to it.

Also, there's still an ice chest in the laundry room getting the butter soggy. Good thing I bought 20 lbs. of ice yesterday, but so much for champagne on the patio tonight.